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The Embrace Saima Yousuf

The Embrace  (Acrylic 36" x 36")  Symbolizes the yearning for humanity to be embraced by unconditional Love.

~~~Pyar ki Laherein~~~

~~~Waves of Love~~~ by Saima Yousuf

Wo bar bar mujsay poochain gain
Wo bar bar mujsay poochain gain

They will ask me again and again
They will ask me again and again

Ye aap nai kaisay quiya?
Ye aap nai kaisay quiya?

How did you do it?
How did you do it?

Mai pallutt ker muskeraoon gi
I will turn, and smile
Aur ankh milla ker khahoon gi
Look in your eyes, and say

Ye duniya sub aik dhoka tha
This world was all an illusion!
Jab thak mainay "socha" tha
As long as I believed my thoughts/delusions

Is duniya mein mainay hur cheez paayi
In this world, I gained all material measure
Muggar na milli mujhe merri Khudayi
But I couldn't find my Divine treasure

Jab thak mainay "socha" tha
As long as I believed "my" thoughts/ delusions
Ye duniya sab aik dhoka tha!
This world was all an incredible illusion!

Apnay aap ko jab Rooh nai paichaanna
Until Grace, when itself, Spirit recognized
Tho hur khauf ban gaya anjana
Then every fear became un-disguised

Aur meray Dil nai kahaa...
And my heart said
Aaa, meray saath aa!
Come, come with me!

Qayinaat ki sahar karrein!
Let's surf the Cosmos below and above!
Aur kuch bhi nahein, sirf Pyar ki laherein.
There is nothing else, just waves of Love...

                                                  ~ Saima Yousuf

Saima Yousuf, Artist

Throughout her life, Saima Yousuf has consistently been drawn to create beauty and question spiritual truth. She pursued art in high school, and then went on to major in Fine Arts at The College of NJ. One of her greatest memories from college is when renowned Prof Wendell Brooks said that her work resounds with "soul". She graduated with honors in 1995, and after working at Ethan Allen as a designer for many years, decided to follow a yearning to be more expressive in creating art that transcends the human condition.

Currently, she runs a holistic art studio in Hamilton, NJ, where she creates art, teaches art classes, hosts meditation, yoga, and paint nights. Her intention in creating art is to bring the attention of you, the viewer, back to the essence of where we all originate from, our collective consciousness, or Source. Her subject matter varies from the cosmos, abstracts, seascapes, or the female form, but is usually centered around the theme of spiritual union. Her paintings are symbolic depictions of our shared suffering, and the transformative power of acceptance, and Love. Saima meditates as she paints, becoming a hollow vessel through which something greater can be expressed. In this process, she is humble and receptive, as she explores the meaning of existence.

She hopes her work inspires questions which get to the heart of our purpose in the universe. Her artwork is included in private art collections in NY and NJ; has been exhibited in Dohm Alley Outdoor Gallery Princeton, NJ; Langston Hughes Cultural Center, NY; Hopewell Valley Gallery, NJ; and was selected into juried exhibitions at West Windsor Arts Council and faculty exhibition at TCNJ. She has done painting events at the Grounds for Sculpture, W hotel, and EVR lounge in Manhattan. She is currently working on commissioned works, as well as a new emerging series.

Latest Work - The Sufi Series

Saima's current series focuses on the Whirling dance, or active meditation, which is practiced by the Sufi dervishes of the Mevlevi order in a worship ceremony, through which dervishes aim to reach the source of all perfection. This is sought through emptying one's mind of all thoughts, personal desires (nafs), by synching to the music, and spinning one's body in repetitive circles, which has been seen as a symbolic imitation of planets orbiting the sun in the Solar System, as well as the entire galaxies.

© 2015 Heart of Art Studio

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