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AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES Starting Tuesday Sept 5th

Welcome to a new year of ART! As Fall ushers in a slower pace from the hustle and bustle of summer to a steady routine of after-school activities, we invite you to check out our art classes. We explore technique development, study of color, and lots of creative exploration. We reduce, reuse & recycle, and also create with more than just the traditional art materials. We provide structure, but also know that spontaneous creativity is where art thrives! We inspire students to be curious, and experiment with what "think outside the box" means. Most of all - we wonder, imagine, and create together!

Please take a look below at our new schedule for Fall 2023 and give us a call if you have any questions.

Please Note: We have Rolling Admissions throughout the school year.

  •  Art Kit included with Registration ($50) 

  •  (Classes accommodate High Functioning Asperger's) 

Weekly After School Art Class Offerings


Ages 6.5 - 8 

Choose a Day

Mondays or Tuesdays    

4:30pm - 5:25pm

$30 for Drop-In Class or 

$100 / 4 Consecutive Weeks + Registration $50 (Includes Supplies)

Ages 9 - 11

Choose a Day: 

Mondays or Tuesdays    

5:45pm - 6:45pm

$30 for Drop-In Class or 

$100 / 4 Consecutive Weeks + Registration $50 (Includes Supplies)

Even in today's stimulus soaked world, are your kids feeling bored or restless?  Looking for a rewarding, inspirational, and fun outlet? Like the joy of opening a fresh box of crayons - This is the Power of Art!  Your child's limitless possibilities will be  expressed in this class through clay sculpture, different styles of painting, and mixed media. This class is wonderful for those wanting to learn through experimentation and practice. Students will receive the attention, guidance and input according to their individual needs. Perspective, color theory, composition, and moods will be explored.   




Ages 8 - 11


4 - 4:45pm

$25 for Drop-In   or   

$90 / 4 Consecutive Weeks + $50 Registration (Includes Supplies)

This class will focus on the fundamentals of drawing. Beginning with shapes and basic shading techniques using (colored) pencil, pastels, or charcoal.  Students will also learn grayscale values.  We will introduce cross-hatch, pointillism, and other techniques..  The class will have a variety of subjects to draw, including portraits, animals, landscapes, and characters (Disney or Anime). Since it is right after school, you're welcome to bring a snack!


Ages 11 - 17

Choose a Day:

Wednesdays or Thursdays

5 - 6:05pm

$30 for Drop-In or

$100 / 4 Consecutive Weeks + Registration Fee $50 (Includes Supplies)

Children will be encouraged to express feelings through art.  Drawing, sculpting, painting, plus collages, paper mache, and mixed media art will be explored with individualized attention geared towards each student's individual needs and abilities. We aim to provide a nonjudgmental space where kids feel comfortable speaking expressively and authentically about their art work. These small classes are suitable for those with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, High Functioning Autism, or Shyness.  Artistic expression helps to build confidence and calms the mind, bringing more clarity, thereby improving an overall sense of well being. 

Glow Paint & Dance - Private Parties Only - Reservations Required

Ages 8 - Adult 

Fridays 7 - 9 pm       

$10 for Gen Admittance (No Painting)

$30 for Small Canvas 

$40 for Large Canvas

A unique experience designed to bring out the kid in you! With the lights off, music pumping, and glow paint on your brush, you and the kids are ready to party!  A great way to release stress and enjoy together with the family in a beautiful multi-media art space, featuring Glow-in-the-dark Painting, Dance Music, & Light Projections. Suitable for every skill level. Even if you have never painted before, you’re sure to have a great time as Glow-in-the-dark paint sparks creativity in everyone!  So, bring some snacks, & come move your feet!!!  *8 Person Minimum


We aim to inspire, foster, and promote creative expression. Why? Because art enriches our lives beyond measure!  At The Heart of Art, we inspire students to use art and meditation as a means of self-discovery, problem solving, and enjoyment! Technique is taught and developed, plus each child is encouraged to find and nurture their own, unique style.


The $100 (Mixed Media Art) or $90 (Drawing Only) fee per child is for one class, every week, for 4 consecutive weeks, due at the start of the 4 week session.  A starter Art Kit must be purchased for $50 (Mixed Media Art or $35 Drawing Only) to help cover costs of shared art supplies, and should be replenished whenever they run out of an item.  A note will be given to parents/guardians whenever a replenishment is necessary.  The art classes are offered Mon-Thurs and consist of varying subjects including, but not limited to: acrylic painting, pastels, drawing, and sculpture.  If a student misses a class, The Heart of Art will try to accommodate a make-up class, however if it is not possible, no refunds will be given for a missed class.  Due to scheduling demands, the missed class should be made up within the next week of classes. If any disruptive behavior occurs, we try to peacefully amend the situation with little interruption to the class. However, if disruptive behavior persists, we inform the parent, and if it still continues in the class, The Heart of Art reserves the right to expel the student from the class without refund. 

    Heart of Art Studio Rules

  1. Be Respectful of Others' Projects & Supplies. Do Not Touch Anything That's Not Yours.

  2. Pay Attention to the Lesson!

  3. Look for the Beauty in Everything!

  4. Be Happy for Others. Try It, You Will Smile :)

  5. Keep Practicing, the Joy is in the Doing!

  6. Have Courage - Try Something New!

  7. You're a Unique Artist, Don't Compare. (Everyone is Gifted Differently)

  8. When You Feel Like Complaining, Take a Deep Breath, Then Look for a Solution with a Calm, Clear Mind.


...and Remember! Ms Saima Doesn't Feel Sorry for You, So Don't Feel Sorry for Yourself! 




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