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"What am I inspired to create?" 

‘How do I feel when I'm inspired?’

These are important questions for an art student.  At Heart of Art, we ask our art students these questions as a starting point on the search for personal artistic expression. 

When adults come to an art class, we find the main obstacle to producing meaningful art is self imposed doubt. Whereas, in children's art classes, fears and doubts don't even exist.  Children marvel at play with the colors, shapes, and processes available to them.  This zest for creating and persistent curiosity is an essential training for all artists, amateur or professional.  Only when we are free to let creation flow through us, can we actually be “truthful” in our art.  Once you know what you want to create, the next part of the journey is honing our skills and techniques.  This takes time, dedication, and practice.  We offer classes for both kids and adults to help you achieve the skills and inspiration to make your art come alive!

Kids Art Classes

Painting, Sketching, Sculpting & Drawing Classes for Kids

[Ages 7-17]



We have done murals on the sides of buildings and quite large custom canvas, as well as small watercolors, acrylic paintings, pencil illustrations, or sketches. 



Themed Birthday Parties

Glow In The Dark Parties

Kid's Dance & Karaoke Parties

Masquerade Parties

Paint & Dance Nights

Sip and Paint

Glow Paint & Dance Night

Adult Paint Class

Art & EDM -Techno Music Nights